O naší škole v angličtině

Guide for Parents / Žernosecká Primary school

Primary school, Prague 8, Zernosecka 3, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2020, is surrounded by a beautiful green landscape since the school is situated near the Dablicky forest on the northern periphery of Prague. The school is fully organized – it consists of the following parts: primary school, after school care, a school club and a school canteen with a dining hall.
The capacity of the school is 730 students. Education at our school is based on an educational program called “School for Life”. An integral part of the school is an experienced, highly qualified and stable teaching staff.
Pupils study in two school buildings, which include two modern sports halls and also a new open sports area with playgrounds for playing tennis, basketball, and volleyball. The school facilities include special study rooms, ICT rooms, a library with a reading room and game room, as well as school Design and Technology room, a training kitchen, etc.
The school has nine groups of after school care and a school club that offers a lot of interesting activities for pupils to spend free time. We regularly organize various cultural events, as well as take part in many interesting projects and competitions (e. g. professional, educational, sports), in which we get great successes.
We publish the school journal Zernoseky. In this way, we are able to inform about the most important events happening in our school (the journal is published 2-3 times in the school year).
We cooperate with partners on various projects in the social sphere (schoolchildren, pensioners), as well as in the field of the environment. We regularly participate in environmental competitions. (waste sorting, paper collection, textile collection, battery recycling, etc.)
The school is mainly focused on advanced studying English and German. Pupils learn English already from the 1st year. In groups with extended language training, students have a choice of a second foreign language, which they begin to study from the 6th year.
Pupils can make a choice between German and Russian. The new philosophy of the distribution of students into language groups is based on keeping both groups of pupils in one class, and this way we are trying to prevent the disruption of student relationships and the occurrence of potential conflicts.
In the 8th year, a second foreign language is offered to pupils of non-linguistic groups, as well as in the case of linguistic ones, the pupils can choose either German or Russian. In our School Club, depending on the interest of the pupils, foreign language clubs are opened annually, where pupils can start learning some foreign languages, or improve their knowledge and skills in the language they have already been learning.
Almost all classes go to a school camp. For pupils of language groups who are interested in traveling abroad, tours to England and Germany are organized (international school partnership). Pupils of the seventh year can participate in a skiing course not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.
The school cooperates with the Educational and Psychological Counselling Centre for Prague 7 and it also provides preventive and therapeutic dental care. There is a dentist’s office right in the school building.
In 2018, an endowment of the Zernosecka owl was created at the school. The purpose of the endowment is to encourage and develop education, as well as to eliminate the effects of social differences between pupils, support people with different kinds of disabilities or people in difficult life situations. Last but not least, the endowment includes organizing cultural, sports and social events and related activities.
We try to make a school atmosphere kind to both pupils and teachers so that all pupils get used to living in current modern society without any prejudices and leave the school with the right code of conduct.